Home to the best Lebanon Bologna in the world, our all beef smoked meats are carefully crafted with a unique blend of spices, quality beef and no fillers.

our smokehouse meat is
100% Beef

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seltzers lebanon bologna lunchmeat package original flavor


Our original Lebanon Bologna recipe uses premium spices and is carefully strung up in our smokehouses where hand-tended fires slowly enhance those spices to create the flavor you know and love.
seltzers bologna premium spice mix pictured
seltzers smokehouse meats sweet lebanon bologna lunch meat package


Our Sweet Bologna is cured with sugar and premium spices then slowly smoked in our smokehouse to create the same great flavors as our Original with an extra hint of sweetness.
seltzers sweet lebanon bologna ingredients pictured--a pepper and brown sugar
seltzers beef bologna double smoked flavor in cold cuts package

Smoked Sweet

Our Double Smoked Sweet Bologna is what some call the “candy” of Lebanon bologna. It was developed on our 100-year anniversary with some brown sugar to sweeten the spice blend. After our signature 3-day smoke in the smokehouse, it’s cooled and smoked for an additional half day.
seltzers all beef bologna ingredients pictures--brown sugar and spices
seltzers smokehouse meats sweet chipotle all beef bologna pre-slice package


One-of-a-kind sweet, smoky, and zesty flavors are smoked into this delightful, Sweet Chipotle Lebanon Bologna to give you a little bit of everything.
seltzers bologna flavor sweet chipotle ingredients pictured--honey in a bowl with peppers
seltzer's bologna smoke 'n honey flavor in lunch meat package

Smoke 'n Honey
Beef Roll

Our Smoke ‘n Honey Beef Rolls are made with the same sweet aromas as our Originals except with a leaner 95% fat free beef to add a touch of honey with our savory spice blend.
seltzer's smoke 'n honey ingredients pictured--honeycomb and salt